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We don't sell our products direct to Crazy Train Fans...
It is up to our retailers to connect to customers. Interested in becoming a retailer? GREAT! We would LOVE to have you ON BOARD The Crazy Train...

Here is what you need to know:

FIRST - you will need a VALID Tax ID Number
Got one? PERFECT! The rest is easy...
PLEASE NOTE:We will check the status of your TAX ID to ensure you are active.
*you are responsible for turning in all sales tax information and abiding by all laws set forth by your state*

SECOND - Let's get you registered!

*have that TAX ID ready* It's required.
OR Give us a CALL (254) 968-0390

- Low Wholesale Order Minimum (contact us for info)
- If you order online before 3 PM we SHIP SAME DAY!
*unless we are experiencing a HIGH VOLUME of orders*
- We have REQUIRED RETAIL PRICING! If you do not abide by this rule, your account will be closed. Questions? Give us a call!
- You can use our photos to advertise but logo must not be removed
- We DO NOT offer zip code/territory protection

FOURTH - After completing Step ONE & TWO
Let's make sure don't miss out on - getting coupons - staying updated - getting exclusive sneak peaks - & being the first to see NEW product releases!
JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP: Crazy Train Wholesale

OR visit Facebook & Search: Crazy Train Wholesale `click Request ADD
PLEASE NOTE: Only enabled accounts will be approved.

FIFTH - Add your business to www.findcrazytrain.com so that our fans know where to buy Crazy Train! (Click link above and `Request Add Store)
PLEASE NOTE: Only enabled accounts will be approved.

- Welcome Aboard The Crazy Train!
If you have any questions you can contact us in the following ways... [email protected] by phone254-968-0390
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